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The early bird catches the worm

The Japanese term"朝活"(asa-katsu) (early morning activity) has become increasingly popular since the late 2000s. The concept is to get up early and spend the morning time meaningfully in sports and study. I'm more of a night-time person, however, lately, I came to realize that morning time is important. For me, it’s difficult to make asa-katsu into a part of a daily routine, but I’ve realized that I can still practice it occasionally with a clear task. So last weekend, following last month, I went on a hike to Mt. Takao again in the early morning. Mt. Takao in November is the season for autumn leaves, and it is also the most crowded time of the year. As COVID-19 infection cases continue to go up, it is safer to start the trip before the peak time. I started hiking at around 6 am. I thought it was early enough for me, but there were already quite a few hikers because of the high season. Luckily there are multiple hiking routes on Mt. Takao, I was able to secure a sufficient social distance when entering the mountain trails. It took only a bit over an hour before I hit the mountaintop. The weather was chilly but lovely, and I could see the snowy Mt. Fuji from the viewing point. Getting up early is a bit challenging, but there are certainly special experiences that can only be experienced early in the morning.

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