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Teachers’ Day

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

On September 28th, the day for teachers is quite important and meaningful for everyone in Taiwan. Before we become adults, kids are supposed to go to school and study a lot of knowledge from different teachers so that we can make our values for the world.

However, going to school wasn’t easy and affordable to kids and their family before the 70s. Since our society was recovering from the end of War II, children who were born in a laborious family also have to make money, and it’s very normal in my parents’ generation. I think we’re lucky to have more opportunities and resources on studying knowledge.

In our growth, there are lots of different teachers we’ve met at schools. Some of them you may don’t like, but I believe there’s at least a mentor who is very important to your life. That’s why we need a day for teachers, and they even have to work on Teachers’ Day.

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