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Swimming pool

Due to legal issues in Japan, even when the state of emergency was declared, there were no strict restrictions on going out or fines for violators as in some other countries. However, I had very few opportunities to go out from the middle of March to the end of May, and I felt like I was completely out of shape. After the state of emergency was lifted, I’ve been trying to exercise consciously as much as possible, but I was also worried about various things because of cluster infections at a place such as fitness gyms. Since I like swimming, I make sure to find time to go to a swimming pool on a regular basis. Fortunately, so far there aren’t any reported cases of coronavirus infection in swimming pools, probably because the water contains chlorine. I believe that exercise is one of the best ways to overcome a depressed mood in such an uncertain situation. But I have to be careful because the pool I go to has a kiosk selling hot snacks, meaning that I can’t resist the temptation to treat myself with a crunchy croquette after swimming.

Photo above: This is my cheat snack! LOL

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