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Sunrise at Mt. Takao

Last week I visited Mt. Takao(高尾山)with a friend of mine. Mt. Takao is located in Hachioji-city, which is in the west end of Tokyo, it is easily accessible from the metropolitan area by train. Growing up in Hachioji, My perception of the mountain was just ordinary. So it was a big surprise as it became increasingly popular after gaining three stars on the Michelin guide in 2007.

We arrived at Mt. Takao’s nearest train station (高尾山口駅)on Friday evening and spend a night at a local guesthouse in the area. Since Mt. Takao only peaks at 599m, most of the hikers just take a day trip. However, this time we were on a special mission to catch a sunrise at the summit (which I never tried before). We departed the guesthouse around 4:30 AM on the next day. The hiking path was paved and was easy to walk on, it was completely dark when we started our hike. As we continue climbing, the sky was gradually brightening.

Shortly after 6 AM, we finally made it to the mountain top. The weather was perfectly clear on that day. It was still early for colorful autumn leaves, but the air was fresh and crisp. Though I felt exhausted after the hike, it was a kind of pleasant fatigue. Both my friend and I agreed that it was worth a try.

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