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Strong luck Maneki neko

A “Maneki-Neko” (beckoning cat) is known as a lucky symbol that brings fortune and prosperity. In Japan, they can be seen in many places. While most of the beckoning cats are about the size to fit in on a desk or shelf, I came across a fairly large one when I was walking around the city the other day. The old Maneki-Neko in the photo below is owned by a Buddhist altar shop. This cat figurine is believed to have very strong luck because it survived a bombing during World War II. Though the face of the cat turned quite black due to the heat during the bombing, the shop owner has been taking good care of the figurine and introduced it to their customers as a “beckoning cat with strong good luck”. There are variations of Maneki-Neko depending on the paw it raises. It is said that the right paw invites "money luck" and the left paw invites "customers".

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