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Updated: Aug 19, 2020

In 2020, it's been a challenging year since the global pandemic of coronavirus. Human is suffering a huge catastrophe which is not only the virus itself, but also the disconnection of social community in our days. Disease takes our friends and family away while people have to keep distance from each other. The normal days have been changed.

Although things are under good controls in Taiwan these months(Thanks to our government made a good prevention in the early stage), there are challenges for people who are living in different countries because the lockdowns in several countries around our world. Unfortunately, Yuka and I are also separated between Japan and Taiwan under the international lockdown, and it's quite depressing and disappointing.

However, we do believe that pandemic will be controlled, and human will win this war to virus with our collaborations and positive mindset. To encourage more people on the world, we want to start this exchange diary and send compassion to you until the day we get together. "We will meet again"

Yuka and Hank @ Yunlin Story House, 2019

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