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Sound Mountain Range

Taitung County is known for its beautiful nature. The first thing I noticed when I came to Taitung was the steep contours of the mountains a little far from the city. I could see the spectacular mountain range from the Taitung Art Museum, the institution that hosted my artist residency last fall. Of course, there are many mountains in Japan, but I have never seen such a jagged shape. The drawing titled Sound Mountain Range was inspired by the particular shapes of the mountain in Taitung. I recorded my own voice pronouncing my name and converted the sound data into a mountain range of frequencies called a spectrogram. The drawing can also be used as a business card.

Above: Sound Mountain Range, 2019 The production of the drawing was done in collaboration with Fab Lab Taitung.

Above: the otherworldy terrain of Lizi Badlands(利吉惡地) a.k.a. Moon World, Taitung, Taiwan, 2019


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