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Reflecting the past 4 months

This exchange diary started as a part of the Dream Project sponsored by Yunlin Storyhouse in Taiwan. It's been about four months since we launched wewillmeetagain.net, and we are going to have a final presentation at Yunlin Storyhouse this Saturday. I really wanted to attend the presentation in person, but my trip to Taiwan seems to be pushed back to next year and onwards. Hank will be there on our group’s behalf and I am planning to attend the event online.

Writing a diary has made me observe everyday life with more curiosity and insight. Also, it is meaningful to record what I thought and how I spent days in the difficult time of the pandemic. For wewillmeetagain.com, the presentation is a milestone to reach the goal rather than the goal itself. I would like to continue the exchange diary, aiming for the day when I can meet Hank again.

Photo: Railway bridge in Huwei, Yunlin

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