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Our Presentation@雲林故事館

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

December 12th, our project had finally come to the presentation day at 雲林故事館. Although we just finished 100 posts, Yuka and I decided to keep our blog and diaries. For this presentation, Yuka made a temporary ebook for our audience, and it’s quite different from the traditional story books. Also, there’s more groups who gave talks either before or after our presentation.

雲林故事館 is built when the Japanese government was in Taiwan during the colonial time which used to be a guest house for local officer in 虎尾. Now it’s a historical story house for sharing stories with the public.

We could get this opportunity because Yuka heard their open call from the director of 雲林 story house. Of course, there’s a lot of effort that we are supposed to keep good communications and schedule in this difficult time. I’m really glad to participate in this project with Yuka. And hopefully we will gather with friends in the story house very soon.

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