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Okinawa Cuisine

Today I tried a Japanese cuisine recipe from Yuka which is called “goya chanpuru” (ゴーヤチャンプル/炒山苦瓜), a local food in Okinawa, Japan. We knew this food when Yuka and I made a trip to Okinawa in November 2018. Although some people don’t like the taste of bitter melon, especially to children, I like bitter melon in this cuisine and its flavour with simple seasoning. Luckily, those ingredients are very easy to get from the local markets or supermarkets. Here’s the recipe and try it.



山苦瓜 1/2顆

梅花豬肉 100g

板豆腐 1/2包

雞蛋 1-2個


鹽巴  as much(or little) as you like

醬油  1小匙

高湯粉 1/3小匙

米酒 1大匙

味醂 1大匙



2.煎鍋內加一點油,先把豆腐煎到表面變金黃色後, 取出豆腐備用。



Goya Chanpuru


bitter melon half

pork 100g

tofu half of a box

eggs 1 or 2


salt as much(or little) as you like

soy sauce  1 tea spoon

broth 1/3 tea spoon

rice wine 1 spoon

mirin 1 spoon


1. Remove the seed of bitter melon and slice the bitter melon. Also, cut the tofu and pork.

2. Pan fry tofu with a little oil until both sides are done and take it out from the frying pan.

3. Stir fry pork. When it’s done, add the bitter melon into the frying pan until the bitter melon is getting soft. And put the precooked tofu back in the frying pan.

4. Mix eggs with the seasonings and pour into the frying pan. Stir fry until all the ingredients are well-done.

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