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Nakanojo Biennale

Last year Yuka and I had an opportunity to join the art festival called Nakanojo Biennale in Nakanojo, Gunma, Japan. This town is surrounded by mountains in this great natural place. Of course there are a lot of benefits from its nature such as hot springs, agriculture, fresh air,... One of the places we love to visit is a roadside station because they have good products from the local farmers. We’re luckily to catch the season of blueberry and apple when we stayed there.(especially there’s no local blueberry in Taiwan) That’s a very nice time.

However, the population in Nakanojo has decreased for a long time because of urbanization. (You can experience it when walking on the street with door-closed shops.) By having this biennial festival, it seems like there’s a new hope for the locals, and the event brings everyone together to work on it with their energetic and smiley faces.

Although we are not going to exhibit our work again on the coming biennial in 2021. I’d still like to revisit Nakanojo again if there’s a chance. Looking forward to it.

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