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Love is not tourism

As the COVID-19 pandemic has been prolonged, More countries have eased immigration restrictions for foreign travelers. However, there are still many people around the world who have become separated from their families and loved ones. Under such circumstances, grassroots social movements through SNS such as #loveisnottourism and #loveisessential is increasingly becoming popular. In Japan, The government finally started lifting some travel restrictions, but as of October 1, Most of the people who benefitted from the new measures are business travelers. The foreigners who have families and/or partners living in Japan must obtain a visa, and the conditions are still strict. I am in full support of those grassroots campaigns to claim the right for binational families and couples to reunite the loved ones, and Hank and I would like to continue to tell our stories through this blog so that we can travel safely across the borders while doing the utmost to prevent further virus spread.

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