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Food as a communication tool

Both Hank and I love cooking and eating. We have different nationalities and cultural backgrounds, but interestingly our favorite foods are quite similar. As we exchange messages every day, we talk a lot about food. When I became an adult and had the opportunity to live in a foreign country, I came to realize that dining together is one of the most wonderful tools to communicate. Especially when interacting with foreigners, even if I don't understand the language, there are times I can make friends with them by sharing food together. However, the coronavirus denied the joy of dining together. It is now considered to increase the risk of virus infection and must be done with lots of intimidating precautions.

I’m so getting used to seeing clear acrylic partitions on a restaurant’s table. Some public health specialists suggest wearing a mask even when eating (except the time when we put food into a mouth) I am so sick of all of these crazy things. I can't wait for the pandemic to end and everyone can enjoy the dining experience without hesitation.

Photo: Hank Ou and I had a delightful dinner with steamed dumplings in Taitung. 2019

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