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Final Presentation @Storyhouse

The afternoon of December 12, We did a final presentation at Yunlin Storyhouse attended by the fellow participants and audiences. I feel very glad that I was able to join the event online, and I'd like to thank Hank for taking the responsibility for leading the presentation on the site.

I think for our group, the Dream Project allowed us to come up with a new method for us to collaborate. Since our main focus so far has been creating interactive installations, writing a story was quite a new challenge. But somehow we made it. To borrow the words of Hank (whose specialty is in science and digital fabrication) , the creative process of our exchange diary is similar to what he described as “Additive Forming” in his blog post. Each entry is just like a layer of material ejected from a 3D printer. In the beginning we didn't know what the outcome would be, but it’s coming to a shape over a course of time.

The Dream Project also has provided us a great amount of support to be creative and stay motivated. What we appreciate about the project was that it’s not only limited to the conventional ways of storytelling but also open to a wide range of new and alternative methods. And depending on the imagination of a practitioner, the possibilities are almost unlimited. We hope that the it continues to go on to help more “dreamers” to bring their ideas into practice in the future.

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