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The meaning of double slash

When I was designing the tile logo of our exchange diary, an image of “//” naturally came to my mind for some reason. A double slash // is so ubiquitous in the internet world, and it can be used to write comments in some programming languages. In addition, it looks like 2 people standing next to each other. Somehow those all made sense to me.

The visual concept of the // also reminds me of some unique trees I saw in Taitung last fall when I was joining an artist in residence program at Taitung Art Museum. During that time Hank visited me from Kaohsiung and went to explore beautiful natural landscapes of Taiwan’s east coast. One day we visited a town called Chishang (池上鄉)which is best known as for rice production. We rode on a bike to check out the vast rice fields.

In recent years, the rice fields have become famous as a location for the EVA Air commercial featuring an actor Takeshi Kaneshiro(金城武). The tree under which he rested and sipped a cup of tea became especially popular for tourists. Other than Kaneshiro’s famous tree, we saw quite a few trees on our way biking, and we unofficially named one of them as “O2 LAB tree”. This tree in particular was our most favorite because it was so cute! The tree has two trunks nestled together, and somehow it is sticking out from a tire tube at the foot. I’m hoping that we will have a chance to revisit our “O2 LAB tree” soon.

Above: The "unofficial" O2 LAB tree, Chishang county, Taiwan, 2019

Above: A pair of palm trees representing the appearance of "// " also found in Chishang county

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