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Black Friday in Japan?

Japan has adopted several festivals originating in the West. In recent years, Halloween seems to have become popular as a so-called "day to enjoy cosplay," aside from the religious and spiritual meaning of the festival. And the next thing that's most likely to get popular is Black Friday.

The picture above: an example of a Black Friday advertisement in Japan

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving in North America (the fourth Friday of November), and a lot of stores start kicking off holiday season sales. It seems that various Japanese retailers are also offering Black Friday sales this year. I saw a lot of advertisements on the streets and the internet. However, it is strange that in Japan, for some reason, only Black Friday is emphasized, and almost nobody talks about Thanksgiving. In North America, a traditional way for spending Thanksgiving day is to get together with families, eat turkey dinner, and watch football games, but in Japan, neither turkey, nor football is quite popular, and maybe that’s why only Black Friday stands alone in Japan.

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