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Autumnal equinox 秋分

Autumnal equinox(秋分) is a term on lunar calendar which means the autumn has come on September 22nd. For farmers, their agriculture always relates with the season and weather conditions that people recorded the yearly period on the calendar when there’s no scientific data and technology support in early time.

Autumn is known as a harvest season of agriculture in our culture. Also, it can be known as “食慾之秋” the appetitized autumn in Japanese. Here’s one thing I've found in the market:purple sweet potato. Although it’s a bit early for sweet potatoes in Taiwan, it takes me back to Okinawa(沖繩) where Yuka and I had a trip in 2018. We were surprised by so many products which are made of local purple sweet potato in the stores. Again and again our lovely land provides her favour from nature.

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