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A Pink Mask, A Friendly World

Last week, it’s a new semester for most students in Taiwan. Although we don’t have much influence of COVID-19 now. Students are suggested to wear masks and wash their hands frequently while we are still fighting the virus in our world.

I’d like to share a story which happened in a primary school this April. A boy was laughed at by his classmates when he wore a pink mask in school because some kids thought the pink mask is very “girly”. Since the stereotype of gender color usually pink(red) belongs to girls(female) and blue is for boys(male) in our society and environment, so this little boy felt very sad with his pink mask.

In the following days, in order to support this boy, CECC members also changed their

masks to pink ones at daily news conferences. Meanwhile there’s a

trend of wearing pink masks and posting on social media for supporting this movement. Although there’s recently been a lot of movements for gender equality and stereotype in Taiwan, the influence is still in our environment all the time. But I believe we can make our typical society become a more friendly country if we keep working our best.

     Hank's pink mask



Taiwan government officials wear 'girly' colored masks

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