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A new PCR test center in Shinbashi

Following my post on November 27th, I would like to post an update on the status of PCR test institutions in Japan. In the previous post, I wrote about a newly-opened PCR test center at Narita Airport, but until now, the problem was that if we voluntarily want to take a test, the cost is out of the national health insurance coverage.

Generally the average cost ends up in several ten thousand yen. Under such circumstances, another new PCR test center has just opened in Shinbashi, Tokyo on December 4, and has become a hot topic. The inspection cost here is 2,900 yen excluding tax, which is considerably cheaper than before. I hope there will be places like this one which offers the test at a reasonable cost, encouraging more people to take a test more easily when they need it, such as travelers who are planning to travel abroad. I visited the website of this new test center, only to find out that they already have an overwhelming number of reservations. Unfortunately, even the reservation form cannot be viewed at the moment.

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