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A Legend "42"

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

In 2020, there’s an event on MLB games(Major League Baseball) which is called “Jackie Robinson Day” on Aug. 28th. All the baseball players wear No. 42 for memorizing Jackie Robinson, the first colored player in the history of MLB. Usually, Jackie Robinson Day would be held on April 15th. every year. However, this year is quite special not only the influences of COVID19, but the BLM moments are happening in the US. Also, a really shocking news that Chadwick Boseman who played the role of Jackie Robinson in film “42” had just passed away on Aug. 28th. Because of all the things that happened together, I think I would also like to write this post to memorize their great achievements.

Although we are fighting the virus in Taiwan, there’s more challenges in the US including the virus and racism protesting. When we keep social distancing, we shouldn’t ignore other issues in our world. All people should be respected for their lives and human rights, it doesn’t matter their race or appearance.

On the other hand, in Taiwan, we should also review ourselves with the issues of racism. In recent years, we’re encouraged to take care of our speaking terms which might include potential racism such as migrant workers. Because of the needs of laborers, we have more and more workers from southeast Asia, and there’s also culture impacts among our countries while we live together in Taiwan. For another news about this impact, the lobby had been reopened for people to sit on the floor in Taipei main station earlier this year because social gathering at main station on holidays is one of culture for migrant workers communities. Glad to hear of these good changes in our society and let’s make our world getting friendly.


"Maybe Tomorrow We'll All Wear 42"


"Taipei Main Station lobby ban not permanent, protesters face fines: Ministry"-Taiwan News


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