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七夕 is one of festival in both Japan and Taiwan, and is also known as one of the Valentines’ Day with its story. Couples would go hangout and enjoy a lovely day together. Because of the countries' lockdown, it’s very sad that we have to separately stay in our countries this year. Therefore, we changed our way to celebrate 七夕 festival this year.

There’s a coming up exhibition we’re going to participate in Hong Kong this year, so it’s a good opportunity to try making a new work with our specialties art and digital fabrication. The advantage of combining art with technology is we can still collaborate with each other even if we're living in different places.

Vinyl is one of the digital fabrication tools and . It’s designed for cutting stickers or paper by uploading data to the machine. We tried replacing the cutting knife with a mark pen, as a result it turned into a drawing plotter. Although we can’t get together for now, the convenience of internet service and technology can make us close to each other.

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