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Updated: Dec 11, 2020

September 21st is a historical day for Taiwanese. Twenty one years ago, we had a horrible earthquake which was happening in central Taiwan during the midnight of September 21st. I still remember this happened when I was a kid, and my family were woken up by the shake in our home. The serious disaster caused a lot of damage and hurts around Taiwan.

When people were worrying and sad, at the moment, there were rescues, supports and resources we received from all over the world. People came from different countries to work together and to save lives from those fallen buildings. That’s really touching when we saw them on the news.

Because Taiwan is in the earthquake zone of pacific area, we have regular practice in the schools for protecting ourselves when earthquakes happen again. Also, this natural accident gave us a serious lesson that we’ve learned more knowledge and become able to help and save more lives.

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