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簡 介

“Using the great advances of science and our instinctive compassion to heal,

we will succeed, and that success will belong to every one of us.

We should take comfort that while we may have more still to endure, better days will return.

We will be with our friends again. We will be with our families again.

We will meet again.”


-Queen Elizabeth Ⅱ

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Faded Sandpaper

We will meet again is an online-based project initiated by a Taiwanese engineer/educator hank ou and Japanese artist/designer yukaotani.

As co-founders of the art&technology unit, “O2 LAB”, hank and yuka have been working together in their private and public lives for the past several years. They’ve traveled between Taiwan and Japan taking part in a number of exhibitions and art festivals, namely Maker Faire Tokyo, Synthetic Media Art, and Nakanojo Biennale. throughout those experiences, they have deepened trust in each other. 


Thanks to the advancement of globalization and modern technologies, the distance between Taiwan and Japan is becoming closer than before. However, now they have to live apart from each other due to the pandemic which caused severe lockdowns in many countries around the world. While being separated by the boundaries, they come up with the idea of creating stories for this online project, which is inspired by Queen Elizabeth's calm yet reassuring speech on Coronavirus.


Hank and Yuka take turns posting entries on a blog in an exchange diary style. They plan to continue it until they finally meet again in person. By sharing their personal stories with the public, the goal of the project is to spread positive feelings to overcome the challenge and share compassion with those who are living apart from their loved ones. 

「我們會再相逢」(We will meet again)是台灣工程師/教育家hankou與日本藝術家/設計師yukaotani的線上合作計畫,身為藝術團隊“ O2 LAB”的共同創辦人,自成立以來兩人經常於各展覽場合分工一起創造藝術與科技的跨領域結晶,他們也經常在台灣和日本之間旅行,參加許多展覽和藝術節,包括東京自造者嘉年華、合成媒體藝術節與中之条雙年展等,在這些合作經歷中,亦加深彼此的信任。


由於全球化和現代技術的進步,台灣和日本之間的距離比以前更近了,但是COVID-19大流行,使得hank和yuka現在必須彼此分開,同時世界許多國家也進入封鎖狀態;當世界各國實施邊界隔離下,他們看見英國皇室女王Queen Elizabeth的公開演說“We will meet again”於是想到透過線上分享故事的方式來鼓勵彼此。




hank ou

Engineer/ Educator


Artist/ Designer